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Top On Page SEO Techniques in 2015

On page Search engine optimization is probably the most important process not just for a better rankings but additionally for a successful internet marketing campaign . Each and every campaign begins from the web site , just in case your web site is not fully optimized for both of them search engines and users , your probabilities for success are minimized .Top On Page SEO Techniques in 2015


I have already discussed the relation between on-page and off-page Search engine optimization as well as described in details what is off-page Search engine optimization . For the purpose of providing beginners a complete picture , I am going to explain briefly a few basic terms .

Search Engine Optimization Definition :-

Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short is a term that encapsulates all you need to do to improve your own web site’s ranking position in the various search engines like Google . This consists of configuration settings you must apply on the website ( that’s on page SEO ) and also strategies you may use outside the boundaries of the website ( that’s off page SEO ) .

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On-Page SEO Vs Off-Page SEO in 2015

To attain maximum publicity in the search engines and also always keep your visitors happy you will need both off-page Search engine optimization as well as on-page Search engine optimization . I believe on page SEO is much more important and Let me explain below why .

1 . ‘Speak’ the search engines language : It would make more sense to begin with on-page Search engine optimization and also get it correct instead of trying to convince search engines to provide you with much better ranking with off page Search engine optimization . Search engines are computer programs ( software ) so they understand a specific language . With Search engine optimization and especially on page Search engine optimization you ‘speak’ their language and your current purpose is to help them to know what you web site is all about . This means that the more signals you will provide them , the much more are your possibilities of achieving much better rankings . 

2 . On Page Search engine optimization is all about the user as well : Always remember that your main focus is on o keep your visitors happy . Off Page Search engine optimization can bring traffic to the website but when it may not be setup correctly , in case it is not user friendly the outcomes will be disappointing . 

3 . A lot of web sites get it wrong : It’s amazing however it is true that the majority of web sites nowadays are not optimized for search engines . Despite the variety of knowledge regarding Search engine optimization many website owners think that it does not really worth to even do Search engine optimization so they quit before starting . For those cases on-page Search engine optimization has a lot to offer both in terms of usability but in terms of traffic as well . 

4 .On Page Search engine optimizatiom is sometimes all you require : If you are running a web site for a small business so you need to get local visitors looking for various terms on Google then on page Search engine optimization is all you have to to do . 

5 .Off page Search engine optimization comes after on page Search engine optimization : In order to start thinking on how exactly you can promote your website you should be sure that the web site is optimized and in good condition . So the initial step is to work with on-site Search engine optimization first and then go off-site .

Top On Page SEO Techniques in 2015

Now that the theory about Search engine optimization and value of on-page SEO is justified , let’s move on to the practical part . 

There are numerous on page Search engine optimization strategies and not only 4 , but also for the purpose of this post I will explain below what I think are the absolute settings you have to apply on your website today .

1 . Content Material always come first

A web site with excellent content material can do great with or without Search engine optimization , a web site with bad content material will not survive with or without Search engine optimization , a web site with high-quality content material can become best of all with Search engine optimization ! 

Therefore , What Are The Good Content For ranking?

Original Content ( articles , text , images , videos , presentations , infographics , comments etc . ) – No copies or re-writes of current articles 

Content material published on your web site first – Although it’s your own personal content material , in case you have already published it on a different web site in that case it’s not good for your web site . 

Content material that includes text as well – Make sure to have text to along with your non-text content . As an example when you post video clips on your web site try to include a text description as well . If you add images and pictures try to explain in words what the image is all about . 

Content material that is definitely useful – Don’t publish content material for the benefit of publishing . Before clicking the publish button be sure that exactly what goes live adds value to your web site . 

Posting regularly – 2 things are very important when it comes to posting frequency . Initially is to have new content material on your web site and then 2nd to establish a publishing strategy and stick to it .

2 . Page titles , description as well as formatting in 2015

This is Search engine optimization 101 but very important too . While search engines are reading your web pages among the stuff they verify includes the page title , the detailed description of the page , the main headings and images . They actually do so because they need to find out what the page is all about and then based on other factors as well ( off page SEO , domain authority , competition etc . ) , they will locate your web page in a position in their index . 

Web page titles – Each and every web page need to have a distinct title that can help both search engines and visitors understand what the web page is about . A webpage with title “On Page Search engine optimization Tips” is better than a page with title “index .html” . 

Descriptions – The web page description is what the visitor will see in the search engine results page . So it has to be descriptive , up to 150 characters and also distinctive for each and every page . It’s your own opportunity to advertise your web page and influence the visitor to click on your link and visit your web site instead of choosing one of the other links . 

Formatting – A webpage must be properly formatted . Consider it like a report which require a heading ( h1 ) and sub headings ( h2 ) . Essential parts of the report are highlighted with bold , underline or italics . 

Do not simply throw text on the web page but be sure that it really is readable too . Apart from the formatting practices described above you must also use a very good size font ( a minimum of 12px ) and split the text into small paragraphs ( max 4-5 lines ) . 

How To Use Images For On Page SEO in 2015

Images – Images are very important however these must not increase the loading time of the web site . Best methods for using images : 

1 ) Make use of original images . If you wish to apply an existing image from the web you need to reference the source .

2 ) Optimise the dimensions of the images – the lesser the dimension ( in bytes ) of the image the much better . Use yahoo smush it to reduce the dimensions of an image without sacrificing the quality . 

3 ) Make use of ALT tag to explain the image – This will help search engines like Google to understand what the image is all about . 

4 ) Apply descriptive filenames – Don’t only name your image ‘image1 .jpg’ but try to apply descriptive filenames , as an example ‘Man doing push-ups’ . 

5 ) Use a Content material Delivery Network – When you have a lot of pictures in one web page you may use a CDN service ( from Amazon or Google ) which could make your page load faster . Simply your images will be hosted and served by several servers , this also enhances the loading process . 

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You can even read my search engine optimization tips for beginners article for more examples of optimized titles as well as descriptions and for best methods regarding the use of images .

3 . URL Structure

The URL framework is an important part of on-page Search engine optimization . The moment I talk about URL structure , I would prefer to divide it into 4 major parts : 

1 ) Permanent links – Permanent links are the URL’s of each and every page . Good quality URLs must be less than 255 characters and use hyphens to ‘-‘separate the different parts . 

Such as a good URL is :

A bad URL is : 

http ://www ?165 or 

http ://www or 

2 ) Categories – Grouping your web pages into categories to help out visitors and search engines find what they want quicker . It’s like getting a warehouse with lots of uncategorised items vs a warehouse with all the things assigned to a dedicated category . You might have sub-categories additionally however my professional advice is not to go over one level . For example an excellent category structure is : 

trendyupdates > category > On-page seo > Tips 

3 ) Breadcrumb – A breadcrumb is also very important for all your pages as it enables viewers to navigate your web site in a structured way since they always understand in which they are and exactly how deep below the home page . 

4 ) User Sitemap – Among your options in the main menu must be the User Sitemap . This is actually an html file that represents the structure of your web site . Check out my sitemap for an example .

4 . Internal linking

Linking to web pages within your web site is essential for Search engine optimization because : 

1 ) It’s just like developing your personal web : In case you watch the nice tutorial by Google on how search works , you will notice that the initial step a search engine spider will perform is follow the links they find . So when they come to your web page , if you don’t have another links within the text they will read your web page and go however if you have links pointing to additional web pages within your web site they will take those into consideration as well . 

2 ) It’s a method to allow search engines learn about your other web pages : being explained above when search engines locate a web page with links , they will proceed and read those web pages as well so that you can utilize this method to explain to search engines regarding pages of your web site they have not yet discovered . 

3 ) It’s a way to explain to search engines which are your most significant pages : Every web site has certain pages which are more important as compared to others . Internal linking is one among the ways to pin-point the most important web pages by sending them more internal links . 

4 ) It’s a method to increase time on site – A viewer that is reading your post is more likely to click on a link to read more regarding a particular subject therefore increase both the time spend on your web site as well as the number of pages per visit . 

Perfect methods for internal linking : 

1 ) Don’t make use of keywords only for your internal links 

2 ) Include internal links if they are useful for your reader 

3 ) A maximum of 7-8 internal links per page ( this is my opinion and not based on any research or studies ) 

4 ) In case applicable you may also use ‘related posts’ at the end of every post for internal linking 

For web site owners which are new to Search engine optimization or simply just do not have the time for it to deal with web site optimization , you can always use a trusted Search engine optimization firm to do the work for you . Take a look at our great range of Search engine optimization packages , well suited for every online business , customized to your own needs as well as requirements and also at competitive prices .

Over To You

The above Techniques of On Page SEO In 2015 really need you properly on the way to optimizing Your Website site’s on-page facets , after taking good care of fundamental on-page aspects you need to all be fairly experienced with . Nevertheless , keep in mind absolutely no website is ever ‘finished’ – upkeep needs to be continuing as well as regular. Through experience , we must attempt to prioritize the on-page steps and also concentrate on the ones that generate the optimum results .

In case you have any questions as well as are willing to include your advice , allow me to understand by way of comments .

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