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Android 5 .0 Lollipop : Every detail as well as top features

Google disclosed a lot of information about the new version of Android a couple of months ago , however we didn”t get a label ” it was simply “Android L .” Now there’s completely a name along with a version number to select it . Android 5 .0 Lollipop is a seismic shift for Android in both design as well as features . With all of the particulars of Android 5 .0 now in the wild , it”s the time to regarding the latest , largest , and also best Android issue yet . Buckle up or relax : There’s lots of amazing brand new benefits to look through .


A newly released development in Android land is the information that Android 5 .0 includes encryption by default , something which makes the intelligence and also law enforcement groups none too happy . It is possible to encrypt an Android device right now , however it’s actually quite annoying . You have to plug the phone in and also leave it to do its thing not less than 30 minutes . In case some thing goes completely wrong , your data can be permanently lost . Security_

On Android 5 .0 this may happen automatically from the beginning , which means you don’t worry about anyone harvesting your data in case the phone is lost or even stolen .Even though you have a lock screen , unencrypted data could be accessed with a variety of workarounds , however there’s absolutely no great way to break the type of strong cryptography used by Android .

If you do lose the phone , the brand new version of Android comes along with factory reset security or a “kill switch .” It’s an opt-in characteristic , so that it won’t happen automatically as with iOS . You’ll have the ability to set the phone or even tablet to require the Google ID and also password to trigger the full wipe of the system . Which means a stolen or even lost Android Lollipop gadget is a useless brick to anyone but you .

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Google is furthermore verifying that Smart Lock can come to stock Android . This is discussed at I/O 2014 , however didn’t show up in the overview . Smart Lock is the way to instantly disable the secure lock screen while a reliable Bluetooth device is combined . For instance , you can set your Android Wear watch to instantly bypass the lock screen while it’s connected . Get rid of that connectivity along with the phone are going to ask for a password again . You are able to do the similar thing with a fitness tracker or perhaps a Bluetooth headset .

Battery life maintenance

Android mobile phones possess long experience with battery life problems due to the way applications as well as services could behave in the background . Any specific app could be permitted the strength to wake up a device and also keep it awake ( known as a wakelock ) . This really is a significant characteristic of the platform , however occasionally applications are coded badly or maybe there’s a small incompatibility which causes a device to stay wake up a long time . Android 5 .0 should really prevent thatal though also offering you more info regarding you’ll need to charge up . Battery_life_maintenance

Google is presenting a power saving mode , that has constantly been lost from stock Android . It’s significantly less considerable as exactly what Samsung or HTC are performing with their low-power modes , however it’s a beginning . You’ll have the ability to limit syncing , background data , and also display screen brightness when you need it eke out a bit more battery life . This mode has the similar basic choices since it did in the preview , however it’s possibly tuned much better .

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The battery use menu has additionally been modified with a much better graph that contains details about which applications and also procedures are causing drain , instead of simply foreground tasks . You also get approximations of outstanding battery life depending on present as well as past utilization patterns , along with a time until charged reading when plugged in . That’s particularly cool for gadgets with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2 .0 characteristic , just like the Nexus 6 ( which calls it Turbo Charger ) .

Materially distinct

Google’s final design language was called Holo , however which has been substituted by Material Design . This is carefully previewed while the developer preview was launched , and also Google continued to update the design suggestions for developers to start seeing Material apps . In spite of this , Google is highlighting something else with the unveiling of Lollipop ? regularity across devices .Materially_distinct

From your phone , to your tablet , to the watch , to the car , to the Television ” it’s gonna be Android Lollipop always . Very well , when your device maker will get around to pushing out an update . There will probably be manufacturer skins , however Google is attempting to generate a bright brand new UI that OEMs will get a hard time covering up . The utilization of “hero” colors in applications is a good example of this . The header colour are going to carry over to the status bar ( in case the developer facilitates it ) , thinking that color is after that demonstrated in the header whenever you open up the app switcher . OEMs like to skin the app switcher , however doing this means that eliminating useful new UI cues , so just why bother ?

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Certainly one of the headlining adjustments available in the preview of 5 .0 was the updated Notification program . The whole feel and look of notifications on Android will change with quick access on the lock screen , a modified pull-down menu , along with a brand new heads-up style floating notification that arises on top of the display screen .

The adjustments to the layout and also location of notifications were previously recognized from the overview , however they are absolutely no less notable now . Lock screen widgets are gone in Android 5 .0 , however that’s possibly a good trade off . Lock screen widgets by no means thoroughly took off and having quick access to notifications —also on secured gadgets — is a big deal . One tap on a notification you can unlock the cell phone to the related app . Notifications_

The concluding announcement of Android Lollipop contains a couple of new options that come with notifications . For one , notifications is going to be smartly ranked depending on the contact these are from or the app that produced them . Therefore a text message from a favorite contact is at the very top which nagging alert from a social game is down at the bottom part ( you must thoroughly turn those off ) .

Additionally new is Priority Mode , which seems great . Essentially , the volume slider possesses a setting for reducing notifications to merely essential items . Therefore the text message from above will get through , however the further things doesn’t trouble you . This seems to be an expansion of the Do Not Disturb setting from the overview , how ever far more refined .

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