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Android 5 .0 Lollipop vs iOS 8? which one is The Best?

The brand new iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus are here and also along with them iOS 8 arrives , which is available on old devices dating back to the i phone 4S and also iPad 2 . In the mean time , Google is gearing up to launch Android 5 .0 Lollipop , the number one change of the mobile phone os as Android 4 .0 ( Ice-cream Sandwich ) was released just about 3 years earlier . With iOS 8 .1 now being available , and also with Android 5 .0 going to be displayed on devices any time , now’s the best time to observe just how the 2 stack up , and also exactly what their variances speak regarding the goals of the companies behind them .Android 5 .0 Lollipop vs iOS 8? which one is The Best? lets find out

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Android 5 .0 versus iOS 8 style

Android 5 .0’s new ‘Material’ layout can make almost everything onscreen look much more actual as well as genuine , due to the shadows cast by every object . When you tap items they offer off little rings of color or perhaps shade to display exactly where you’ve pressed and also give better response . There’s additionally a lot better utilization of transparency with additional transparent menus – like the notifications pulldown – as well as things fading away as they’re swiped off the display screen . Possibly depending on early video demos the os is looking wonderful .

iOS 7’s graphical repair was well overdue as well as the OS is now appearing sharpened together with modern . Apple hasn’t observed the need consequently to alter anything very much , however we shouldn’t knock iOS 8 for this , simply because the look has become familiar doesn’t ensure it is any less well-designed . It’s clear , simple and also sleek , with a dynamic colour palette that pops off the screen .

It’s fascinating to notice that although Apple gets free of the hint of original materials in its design and style , its long-running ‘skeumorphic’ elements , Google appears to be moving the other way , using more physical features to the OS . Now , Google isn’t going to create an icon that appears like a true envelope , or perhaps a notepad with a pencil , however it’s an appealing switch around none-the-less and also quite possibly demonstrates that there are simply numerous tricks to play with with regards to OS design .

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Android 5 .0 versus iOS 8 characteristics


Notifications is a single region exactly where both the companies are looking to up their game . That will make lots of sense as with phone calls , texts , calendar guidelines , several social networks and applications almost all pinging stuff at you all-day long you will need an excellent system to help you handle all that info .

The big brand new characteristic in iOS is interactive notifications , letting you to notifications without needing to enter the app , this extends as much as replaying to messages immediately without actually leaving the notification . Right now Android is a way ahead here , because it has had involved notifications for sometime , although Android’s versatility in permitting many distinct applications to handle your calls , texts , emails and so on , signify that you could only take a fixed number of actions to respond to these , generally you gonna the suitable app .

Brand new improvements for Android 5 .0 with headline notifications , however these are for essential things like incoming calls , however they merely appear as pop up windows instead of taking over the entire display screen of your device , as an incoming call will at present . Which can make it simpler to tap away irritating interruptions and also get straight on with exactly what you’re doing .

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A great brand new characteristic of iOS 8 is just how it now deals with an OS X computer . You’ll have the ability to start writing a mail on one device then proceeds on yet another , without fascination or perhaps looking for the compose in the cloud . It can also allow you to answer calls on the Mac , which means you don’t need to dig your phone to answer a call , it’s basically directed to the computer that’s ahead of you – offering it as well as your phone are signed into the similar account and also on the similar Wifi network . This really is rounded off by enabling you to send and also get text messages from the Mac .

Furthermore you’ll have the ability to take calls on the iPad instead of approaching for the phone . Additionally in case you’re on EE in the united kingdom after that you’ll shortly have the ability to create calls by means of Wifi too , in order to make clear , good quality calls just as if these were telephone calls by utilizing a wireless network . Almost all ideal for those with poor coverage in their buildings .

Therefore when it comes to signed up with up thinking and also communications , at least for all those people who devote a significant part of our day in front of a Mac or perhaps clutching an iPad , Apple definitely has taken the lead . That will make feel as Apple is eager to connect the iOS and also OS X devices as carefully as is possible , to create a hardware and also software proposition that you just can’t get away from .

Google as well is trying to connect numerous devices , with a notification system which will work across many devices , mainly Android Wear smart watches and also Android Auto cars  Apple’s version is known as CarPlay . It’s beginning though for these two , however if both of them will get sufficient producers registered to their devices then our smartphones can ultimately have amazing compatible use with a big range of items , be they wearable devices , cars and even your home .

Talking about signed up thinking Apple has additionally freed up iCloud , to ensure that saved files can be positively opened by any kind of suitable application instead of just the 1 initially related to the creation . We’re not however certain in case Google can make any kind of big alterations to just how applications work with Drive .

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Once more Google and also Apple have taken out opposite stances on the problem of discussing in the family house . Apple is currently enabling you to share the content material – games , music , films as well as applications – with other people in your household – a household could be as much as 6 people and also so far as we could tell , you don’t have actually to be affiliated by any means . It calls this Family Sharing and also it’s basically a good idea .

In spite of this , Apple might be pleased to share content material however it still doesn’t allow you to share devices , without several user support on iOS devices , particularly on the iPad that would thoroughly take advantage of an effectively incorporated multi-user system with restricted accounts for kids and also full ones for the aged , each one with their very own home screens , email accounts , applications , folders , favourites and so on .

Google possesses long this kind of multi-user support in the OS for tablets , and also it seems that it will likely be moving this out to smartphones also , helpful if you wish to always keep the kids amused while going without allowing all of them at the email account . It can also assist you to have distinct business and also personal accounts on the similar phone , permitting you to keep the corporate stuff aside from your individual stuff .

Right now in case one of these companies will do both device and also content sharing then that will thoroughly be something , however for now you’ll need to get your select and also live with it .

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Apple company has ultimately updated iOS to assistance predictive writing , in which it guesses the next word you may want and also provides it that you should tap . Apple company may also be enabling third-party developer key-boards for the very first time , therefore you’ll no more be stuck with exactly what Apple provides you with . Obviously , this really is almost all old hat for Android users . It will probably hsow that Apple is beginning to loosen its iron grip on particular parts of iOS , absolutely no bad items in our eyes , however with the integration with OS X even more benefits in the OS , we can’t notice this going a lot further .

Android 5 .0 versus iOS 8 – performance


Boosts is speed aren’t gonna inform us a lot regarding either company you’d consider , but it’s well worth noting that neither Apple or Google appear to have pushed browsing overall performance in their recent operating systems . In earlier tests , iOS 8 is really more slowly across almost all devices in the standard Sun Spider test as compared to the predecessor , although Android 5 .0 demonstrates absolutely no genuine development over Android 4 .4 . It seems like both companies have determined their efforts in optimising 32-bit surfing performance are carried out , because they are relying upon current , 64-bit hardware to offer more upgrades .


Apple has at all times experienced very clear lead over Google with regards to gaming , with a lot more games offered , or perhaps offered first , on iOS . The space continues to be closing on smartphones , however for tablet applications Apple is miles ahead when it comes to selection of games .

Apple previously has 64-bit chips in many of the devices , for example last year’s iPhone 5S , iPad Air and also Retina iPad Mini , with the brand new iPhone 6 models subscribing to that list . iOS 8 will begin to use the extra processing power that those chips can offer by making use of Metal , a whole new gaming API which will let games developers purchase more power compared to actually out of Apple’s mobile phones .

Android 5 .0 may also support 64-bit processors , so should also see an increase in overall performance . Currently though we’re waiting for both the operating-system along with the 64-bit processors to run it on . Nvidia’s K1 chipset , which we’ve observed in its 32-bit incarnation , can make the 64-bit debut in the Google Nexus 9 ; plus there’s the forthcoming Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm , although we’re yet to notice that in a device .

Battery life

Google is declaring significant things from Android 5 .0’s power managing , and also these are backed up in early real-world testing . Ars Technica acquired a battery life increase of 36% ( around 2 hours ) in a surfing test exactly where pages were loaded over Wifi . This could extremely develop life across almost all Android handsets operating the operating-system .

Apple for its portion is actually enabling customers having access to a detailed battery consumption breakdown , so that you can notice just what applications are utilizing all of the the valuable power . That said , this continues to be offered on Android for a long time , and also we’ve in no way found it really helpful . In testing to date iOS 8 doesn’t appear to develop upon battery life in almost any constantly considerable way . Apple chose to slim down the brand new iPhone 6 models , without rise in battery size , relying upon big efficiency benefits in the brand new 20nm A8 processor instead , which can be little comfort to present iOS device customers .

Summary – Android 5 .0 versus iOS 8

In brief Apple is widening iOS to incorporate its versions of numerous characteristics which have been on Android for sometime . In the meantime Android is becoming a facelift and also technical make-over it will need to match iOS when it comes to speed and also battery life .

It may seem like the 2 operating systems are conference in the centre then , however Apple continues to be mainly managing the applications you utilize to do particular tasks , which inturns enables you to incorporate your gadgets closer together , although Android will constantly allow you to utilize any app you would like for practically anything . As well as other differences are growing , for example Apple’s content sharing , although Android proceeds to pursue device sharing .

We wonder that either OS changed considerably sufficient to sway dedicated users from one to the some other . In spite of this , these are both developing and also that’s the important things . As far as they continue to keep the best of each and every other’s ideas , since they seem to be currently , after that the competition can make both operating systems more successful over time .

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