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Best Free CDN Services For WordPress Blog in 2015

A content delivery network could be great development for the consumer experience and also webpage speed together with caching and also image optimization . The reason for utilizing the CDN is to provide big files like video , image , or even stylesheets like CSS , and also jQuery files from a website server which is closer to user .Best Free CDN Services For WordPress Blog in 2015

CDN can help you in saving your bandwidth cost from web hosting providers- it also can make your website quick and also improved in consumer experience .But First Of all we have to know what is CDN and How it work with search engine.So Let’s Get Started

What Exactly Is a Content Delivery Network ?

Content delivery networks utilize several servers in several geographic locations that develop deliveries of static and also streaming content material . Global content needs automatically get routed to the nearest servers , speeding up webpage loads , improving data transfer and also providing similar content material irrespective of Internet- or site-traffic spikes . Based on visitors and also number of nodes , the network’s algorithms choose the ideal routing options to provide the best performance and also prevent bottlenecks . how to use cdn

Customers with high speed connections usually experience choppiness , loading lags and also poor quality , particularly while watching live events or in case of these are situated far from the hosting servers . CDNs reduce latency problems that result in picture jitters , boost delivery speeds and also maximize available bandwidth for each and every viewer .

Content Delivery Networks Enhance Search Engine Rank

Search engines like Google now penalize websites that load very slowly , and also broadband penetration has made exceptional traffic jams . Quick connection times do little good for visitors if the content material delivers slowly . Consumer attention spans become ever more short since individuals spend good money on their connections and also equipment , expecting the fastest page loads and also finest quality videos and also live-streaming occasions .

CDN technology gives you redundancy for fail-safe protection during partial Internet malfunctions . Duplicate content also safeguards against loss of information and also picture degradation .

There are many free of charge services and also cloud techniques to help you serve image and also media content on strong and also secured servers . So I am listed here are the Best Free CDN Services for WordPress Blog .

Best Free CDN Services For WordPress Blog in 2015


CloudFlare possesses an accumulation tools for site safety and also overall performance . Anybody who have a site and also own domain may use it , irrespective of their platform option . CloudFlare immediately transforms the delivery of the webpage to ensure that your website visitors get the quickest webpage load time . This also helps in blocking the threats and also limiting hazardous bots so that they don’t waste the bandwidth and also server resources .This CDN services is currently running on my blog(TrendyUpdates).

Benefits are :

  • CloudFlare Analytics .
  • CloudFlare Security .
  • CloudFlare Applications .

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2 :- Amazon CloudFrontamazon_cloudfront

It is a cloud based answer provided by Amazon at no cost . It integrates via other Amazon web services to give developers and also businesses a simple way to deliver the content material to end users . It includes high data transfers , without any minimum use obligations .

Amazon CloudFront may also identify the country form in which the end users are using your content to read . A few of the crucial benefits consist of :

  • Device Identification .
  • Cross Origin Source Sharing ( CORS ) .

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3 :- HighWindshighwinds

HighWinds is an excellent CDN and also GDN service that facilitates HTTP caching , SSL delivery , and also Load Balancing . It includes the lowest HTTP response times that makes it certainly one of the quickest CDN’s available . This also has the best throughput , meaning that your video content material will begin sooner and also maintain the best connection . Characteristics are :

  • Best multimedia assistance .
  • Lowest response valuable time .

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Cloudinary is an absolutely free CDN for the pictures . You could upload pictures to cloudinary from the servers , the client’s browsers and also mobile phone applications . The files are stored easily , with secure backup and also revision history . You could store up-to 50 ,000 pictures 1GB bandwidth/mo .

It provides automatic picture optimization and also caching with worldwide CDN based delivery . Several CDN supports Akamai , and also Amazon CloudFront and so on . with unlimited scale .

A few of the benefits are :

  • Quick Picture delivery .
  • Convenient to integrate with any specific web development framework .

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5 :- CDN .netcdn

CDN .net provides you with 1 TB free of charge CDN bandwidth . This bandwidth is much more in comparison with for website with average visitors as well as pictures . You may host content material in 113 cities , as well as in 43 countries , to build up website overall performance for the national or international target audience .

CDN .net provides you with an idea as just what to expect when you make use of proper CDN including the bandwidth consumption and also popular website content .

Characteristics are :

  • Globally Load Balanced .
  • On Demand Reporting .

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Cincopa is developer of WordPress , Joomla and also Tumblr plugins and also extensions . Cincopa offers you fast loading , zero buffering , and also lingering media displays . It gives storage and also traffic reports . This also offers you remote access from any device .

Cincopa presents you automatic discussions , transcoding and also picture resizing . Many of the characteristics consist of :

  • It allows you to generate your own media galleries and also slideshows .
  • Cincopa practical application enables you the full control over the widgets look .

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Every one of these 6 CDN services companies have the ability to boost the speed of your site , and also reduce the load time . Moreover , each and every service providers an actual time monitor facility for your wordpress hosted website .

I guarantee you that most these CDN services can help you in saving bandwidth from hosting provider , but will make your website fast and also user-friendly . I really hope that you simply found anything helpful from the above list . If you want to share something with us , i highly recommend you leave a comment below .

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