Friday , 18 August 2017

How to Hack Any Wifi password Without Any Software 100% working

internet  these days become the first priority to the modern word . As it help us to connect through all over the world and we can chat share files and lots more cool stuff we can do with the help of internet. As the demand of internet increasing day to day companies are increasing there internet rates to very high . in this article i am not going to discuss the rates and uses of internet i am here to show you How to Hack Any Wifi password Without Any Software 100% working. how to hack wifi , wifi hacking , password cracking

requirements :-

  1. You need one working laptop or desktop it does’t matter which company laptop you choose .
  2. next you need web-browser you can choose crome or Mozilla for this .
  3. next step is to open the web-browser and type or this is the default address of  router
  4. a pop up window will open demanding username and password . the default username is admin and we are sercing for the password
  5. just write rom-0 after the or address it will look like this and press entre/
  6. a file will downloaded to your system.
  7. now open the website and upload the downloaded file over there .
  8. fill the caption and hit entre boom you will see the password use this password to login into the router main .

if you still facing problem then here is the video tutorial for you take a look 


note :- this is only for educational purpose.

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