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How To Install Windows 7,8,10 In Only 9 Minutes

Today’s young generation is always keen to install windows to there PC’s. But they are always unhappy when the installation of windows comes at the step of formatting PC as it takes so much time. We are indebted because of the speed of installation of windows. But using simple tricks on the keyboard or you can say that by using simple shortcut you can decrease the time of installation to the extent. In this post i will explaining you the trick behind it.As we all know there is a task of formatting the PC in between the installation of the windows which takes so much time wastage i.e., approximately 40-45 minutes.Now we can cut-off this time or reduce this time. You would be thinking that how is it possible. Just follow this simple step as follows (I have done this while installing my Windows Xp) but the following step are the same in case if you are installing Windows 7,8,10.


After the copying part is over while installing the windows we all know that the system is rebooted in general Formatting Procedure.

Now after your PC is rebooted the image will appear as shown below in Windows Xp.

after copying overs,after the step of copying overs,windows xp,screen on windows xp appears,image appears like this,after system reboots image appears

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Now at the moment this image appears you have to press “Shift+F10 from the keyboard. By doing this command prompt will appear on the screen now just type taskmgr in it. By writing this command in the command prompt task manager will be opening on the screen.

STEP  3:

As the task manager opens go to the column of Processes and search for “setup.exe” and just right click on it  and then set the priority level to its peak means to the Highest. 

using keyboard,using keyboard open task manager,task manager,processes,go in processes tab,go in processes tab in task manager


Now all the set up has been done now just watch and enjoy watching the insatlation of windows in just 9 minutes.

This step performed above will be followed as same while installing windows 7,8,10.

So, next time while installing the window just remember my post and the trick i have taught you in the post and apply it.


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  1. What to do by Right cliking on Setup.exe in Task manager. Explain the end properly.

    • @s.s after right clicking on Setup.exe you have to set the priority Level to high and press next button.if you still face problem i will mail you the screen shot this have a nice day.

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