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How To Make Pen drive Boot able Using Command Prompt

Today’s generation is very keen to know about this trending topic. So, here the post for all of you. This is only possible in Windows 7 and 8. Installing new operating system with CD/DVD have always a case of not working properly. As it takes so much time in doing that. So after reading this post you will get a handy solution for this that How To Make Pen drive Boot able Using Command Prompt .Today many laptops and computers comes with many USB ports. Now a day’s CD/DVD is now a quite history today most of the people uses USB’s for the installation of the operating system. The stage of formatting is performed very fast if you install an operating system using boot-able pen drives. Your pen drive can be boot-able by writing some codes in the command prompt in the Windows 7 and 8.


Click on “Start” button and type cmd and run it as administrator.

cmd,cmd promt,start button,cmd option

Next thing you have to do is just right click on the cmd icon and “Run as Administrator”.

right click,run as administrator,click on options

Now it will open a window of command dialog box.

cmd,cmd dialog,cmd dialog box,command prompt,command dialog,command dialog box,cmd as administrator,cmd running as adminstrator,command as administrator,command running as administrator


Press windows button on your keyboard and then press “c”. You will able 2 see command prompt just right click on that and “Run it as Administrator”.

on windows 8,cmd,cmd prmopt,command prompt,cmd prompt in windows 8,command prompt in windows8

It will then open the cmd prompt.

Now the further steps are same in both Windows 7 and Window 8.

Write “diskpart” in the cmd dialog box.

disk part cmd,disk part command,performing disk part,performing disk part cmd,performing disk part command

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It will be good for you that you should disconnect all the other external hard disk before going to the next step like pen/flash drives etc. there should be only one pendrive of minimum 4 GB should be plugged in or connected. save the existing data on your pen drive as it will be formatted in the following steps.

After completing the last step type “list disk” in the cmd prompt and hit enter.

list disk,list disk cmd,list disk command,performing list disk cmd,performing list disk command,runnig list disk cmd ,running list disk command

This will be showing all the the external disks connected to the system for example. Disk 0, Disk 1 etc.showing “Status”, “Size”, “Free” etc. We can recognizance our pen drive with the size. The Disk 0 will be the system disk in which our OS is installed. In this post Disk 1 is the pen drive i.e., (7424=8 GB) this pen drive will becoming our boot able pen drive.

Now just type “select disk 1” in the cmd dialog box and then hit enter by doing this it will select our pen drive for performing the further  steps.

select disk cmd,select disk command,select disk 1 cmd,select disk 1 command,performing select disk 1 cmd,performing select disk 1 command,running select disk cmd,running slect disk 1 command.

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Now type in the cmd prompt “clean” and then hit enter this cmd will be cleaning/formatting/cleaning all your data stored in the pendrive.

clean cmd,clean command,performing clean cmd,performing clean command,running clean cmd,running clean command

Type “create partition primary” and then hit enter. This cmd will be creating a primary partition in the pen drive.

create partition primary cmd,create partition primary command,performing create partition primary cmd,performing create partition primary command,running create partition primary cmd,running create partition primary command

Type “select partition 1” and hit enter. This cmd will select the partition created in the previous step.

select partition 1,select partition 1 cmd,select partition 1 commmand,performing select partition 1 cmd,performing select partition 1 command,running select partition 1 cmd,running select partition 1 command

Now the next step is type “format=fs ntfs quick” and hit enter. This cmd will be formatting the pendrive quickly with NTFS file type.

format=fs ntfs quick cmd,format=fs ntfs quick command,performing format=fs ntfs quick cmd,performing format=fs ntfs quick command,running format=fs ntfs quick cmd,running format=fs ntfs quick command

Now type “active” and then hit enter. This cmd will be making partition active for booting after restarting the computer. If this step got missed then the computer will not be able to boot from the pen drive.

active cmd,active command,performing active cmd,performing active command,running active cmd,running active command

Now just type “exit” and hit enter. This command will let you close the cmd prompt.

exit cmd,exit command,performing exit cmd,performing exit command,running exit cmd,running exit command

Now your pen drive has become boot able. Now all the files Windows OS  setup DVD or ISO need to be copied inside the pen drive.

Now go to my computer open your CD/DVD and then copy all the file in it into your pen drive’s root folder.

copying the files,performing the step of copying the files,running step of copying the files,copy the files,copy the files in DVD,pasting it on pen drive

After your copying process is completed, now your pen drive has became boot able now you can input any OS into your pen drive and install it in your computer.

It’s Done.Now Enjoy Happy booting journey.

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