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How To Send Fake And Anonymous Mails to Everyone.

All of us are familiar with the term mail and each one of know how to send and how to received the mail.also this is one of the most easy way of sending data and article from one place to another.but in this article i will not show how to send mail i will show you how to hack send Anonymous mail to your enemies to friends, teachers and to whom you don’t like and i will definitely sure that this is the best hack you all ever done .so let’s get started. the first question come into each and every mind is that what is the use ? i also explained in my previous article how to get ip address and how to hide from others also when you get the ip address you just simple send the mail with the link. same as you can send mail to your victim with that link such that you are contacting from and established organization.
for example :, you can just say that we are from Facebook and we are going to add new feature in it just click the link or visit this page.

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how to send anonymous mails.

Step 1.the first of all you need to get register on the free web hosting service will also have a PHP feature in it. in my opinion the is the best to start with.
step 2. download this zip file . after downloading right-click on it and extract it you will the file name Mail.php
Step 3. go on to your web hosting site and login with your username and password.
step 4. now upload the file from your system name “mail.php”to “public_html” folder.
step go to the page name yourhosturl/mail.php chane the yourhosturl url with the your own website which will you provide when you get register on the
step 6.Usually the default will be “”
Step 7. when you visit you will see the page like this

step 8. fill all the necessary details including the victim mail and message subject and the press ok to send mail.
step 9. dont give you details on the above box.

if you have and query and doubts and if you want to say thanks plzz comment me.

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