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How To Open Anyone Locked Profile Pic In Facebook

Facebook is very popular between the young ones as well as all age group. In This modern days all one of us are addicted to something even i used to addicted to Facebook Some Time .Facebook is one of the most rapidly growing social media sites The thing is that they give you many advance Feature like status update,video post and even live chat with you friends. Also They will provide many security function like hiding pics from others. Girls used to do that most of the time they lock there profile pics and even all there Private pics .But I Forget to Tell You One thing nothing is secure in this entire world.In This Article i will not teach you how to create Facebook profile as born baby  know these days. I Will teach you how to open lock profile pic.

let’s Get Started

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How to Unlock locked profile pic of any Facebook user

Step 1:- Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2:-Open the Facebook profile of the victim which you are targeting through your account.

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Step 3:- Now check the profile pic is it locked or not if so then.

Step 4:- Now copy the link pic/picture?width=600

Step 5:- Now copy the username of the victim and paste that username in place of profile pic .

Step 6:-Hit Enter Boommm there you go now save that profile pic.

Still Facing some problems in above steps watch the video below.

Note: This article is only for Educational Purpose.


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