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SkytecSolution Pvt Ltd : Custom Web & Mobile App Development Company

What is SkytecSolution Pvt Ltd : Custom Web & Mobile App Development Company

SkyTecSolution is an international IT solutions company with more than 5 years of practical experience and about 100 professionals. We offer full-cycle assistance in the aspects of Custom Web Development, Web Designing, Software development, mobile-based business solutions, SEO/PPC and Digital Marketing Services.

We incorporate our substantial business domain knowledge, technical skills, in-depth understanding of modern day market trends and quality-driven delivery model to provide you with cutting edge, end-to-end internet solutions.SkytecSolution Pvt Ltd : We Promised We Delivered

Since our establishment in 2012, SkyTecSolution has been delivering Software Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing and related IT services. Our 100+ qualified professionals are determined to deliver high-quality services by combining their domain knowledge and technology expertise. We have 50+ Customers from Start-Ups to well established Large-Scale Multinational Enterprises spread across 10 countries. Our clients are different, but they all share the need to have a software solution built to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

Our team makes us stand out – whether you need a top-notch expert with niche knowledge or a team of developers with diverse technology skills and domain expertise, SkyTecSolution has a pool of varying IT professionals.

Premium Services offered by SkyTecSolution:

Web Development: We go with PHP as an appropriate choice for feature-rich web development to provide your company a highly functioning custom-tailored website that will set you apart from your competitors.

Based on your requirements and desired goals SkyTecSolution is capable of delivering custom or Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress-based content and document management solutions which range from simple publishing websites to enterprise-wide systems to aid you to consolidate and automate your document-centric business processes.

With the utility of Magento Commerce, Ubercart and osCommerce SkyTecSolution produces highly effective e-commerce solutions designed to develop trust, drive conversions and help you keep track of complete funnels right in your CMS.

We offer a variety of social networking solutions based on Social Engine, Elgg, Ning, PHPFox, Zend, Symfony, Drupal and other third-party PHP engines that allures and entertain people, and facilitate online cooperation.

We develop a broad spectrum of online PHP-based solutions which range from very simple websites to complex enterprise applications powered by the flexibility and strength of best-in-class PHP frameworks like Laravel, Zend, Symfony, Yii, and CodeIgniter.

Mobile App Development: At SkyTecSolution, we make smartphone applications that run “when and where” your business needs them – on any gadget and any working arrangement of your decision, at any moment. We make the best apps. Our team of expert developers has access to the latest global tools, frameworks and SDKs available.

iOS: SkyTecSolution designs and creates delightful iPhone and iPad applications with an emphasis on functional design and codebase execution. We offer application design and development for cell phones, tablets, wearables, TVs and web associated gadgets over the iOS, watchOS and tvOS platforms, assisting organizations outside the conventional tech division with tackling innovation.

Android: We offer full-cycle Android development services that help you transform a mere idea into an elegant feature-rich top-rated application. SkyTecSolution expands the Android system to a whole new generation of devices by providing customized hand held applications that offer actionable data with notifications synced to wearables, or apps that operate on them and access multiple sensors besides other hardware.

Windows: SkyTecSolution provides customized Windows Universal applications that are integrated across all of the devices and adapted to every single one of them. We build upon the Universal Windows Platform to mobilize your app experience across the complete Windows ecosystem so that you can continue to be productive with any kind of device that’s most effective for the job on hand.

Web Designing: No viewer likes a clumsy website design not to mention search engines also examine site architecture when it comes to ranking in search results. As such, your best bid is to use services from one of the finest website designing company i.e. SkyTecSolution to build eye-catching websites that catch the attention of the visitors.

We have the most excellent workforce, with a great deal of experience and proficiency in advanced web technologies such as PHP, .NET, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and others to deliver just the type of services you wish to launch with the website as your platform.

Over the years, we certainly have grown as a web designing company, providing the most relevant solutions to our clients. Regardless of whether you are a newbie in the online business world or own a website that isn’t generating revenue as you anticipated, we are here to help out. Our web designing specialists have worked with some of the most profiled clients across many verticals, providing them exactly what is desirable. We don’t merely design the website, but take charge of maintenance and embark on the job of making changes as needed. With e-commerce sites, we are extra concerned about providing quality and design of each product page!
We make use of following technologies for our Web Designing process: 

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Html
  • Css

Our skilled and brilliant web designers at SkyTecSolution are capable of designing exclusive themes and designs in accordance with the specifications. Our designs are always captivating as they are rich in color and layouts. Our design experience varies from designing basic websites, portals, social networking sites to vibrant and highly purposeful web applications. We have the finest group of creative designers to endow your website with gracefully stunning looks and fascinate retainers.

SEO Services: Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the basic process of making sure that your website can be found in major search engines for terms and phrases related to whatever the site is offering. In other words, it’s actually the quality control for websites. In today’s highly competitive internet market, SEO is much more essential than ever.

Search engines serve billions of people every day seeking solutions to their problems or for answers to their troubles. SkyTecSolution offers top-class SEO services for your website such as Competitive Analysis, Website Analysis, Keyword Research, SEO strategy making, website structural optimization, Content Writing, Link Building etc.

We deliver your website SEO services by implementing remarkable strategies to attract extra traffic to your website. We have seasoned SEO professionals who are highly experienced in keyword research and analysis. At SkyTecSolution, we perform a powerful and effective search engine optimization planning to include all of the key components of the SEO of your website to produce the most SEO friendly outcomes to our global clients.

Why choose SkyTecSolution:

In-Depth Requirements Analysis: Here at SkyTecSolution we tend to pay special attention to the requirement analysis part to make sure that the project is feasible on all grounds such as software compatibility, financial feasibility etc. so that the ultimate product totally meets your expectations.

Best Experts: Our skilled developers make use of all the latest tools and technologies available to deliver you the most responsive and up to date website/app as promised. They take care of all your requirements and ensure timely completion of the project.

Exceptional Quality: We have worked with many of our clients for years and have a high client retention rate thanks to our responsiveness to their marketing needs and consistent dedication to their ongoing success.

Dedicated Working Environment: SkyTecSolution has the organizational capability to allocate a segregated project infrastructure and a dedicated working environment and office space for a dedicated team working for a particular Client.

Communication: At SkyTecSolution, your thoughts are heard. We are one of the most user-friendly web development teams around. We listen, and once we understand, we give our advice in a simple, concise and straightforward way.

SEO support: We offer SEO services for your website/app too. Our seasoned SEO experts will help you get your website at the top of Google’s results page. We provide in-built plug-ins and modules that make your websites very smooth running, Search Engine friendly and up to date with Google’s algorithms.

High-Quality Work: Quality has always been the topmost priority at SkyTecSolution. Our highly qualified web development team provides websites full of latest available features. We build the most powerful and dynamic websites with the simplest of tools (which load faster and are less prone to problems) so that they can be easily managed by the client after the handover.

Round-the-clock Maintenance and Support: We are available 24/7 for any kind of assistance you need from us. Our maintenance team makes sure that your queries are solved in a short span of time.

                                              CONTACT DETAILS:-


                                     Email id:-

                                      Skype Id:-     Nitishsharma2079

                                      WhatsApp No:-    +91 (769) 624 6948


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