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The Most Vital Feature of iOS 8

Apple has published iOS 8 however , at the time of at present , merely the developers have the ability to win an impression of it . It is going to be accessible to common customers when the open up beta version is moved out . Apple company , for the first time , is going to be allow onscreen keyboard from a 3rd party therefore you has the ability to easy access widgets from the notification center only . Aside from these two benefits , Apple has released a programming language of its very own – known as the Swift . It obtained big gratitude at the time of the WWDC opening keynote , also from http ://www .geekweeks .com . In case you are believing that Apple doesn’t possess something to provide you with or me , in that case think again ! The beta software possesses some vital benefits to offer . This is a listing of alterations which will improve the day-to-day use .

1.Onscreen Keyboard 

Apple has created opportunity for a third-party keyboard that is quite a well known craze in Android mobile phones . It is additionally modified its keyboard by presenting predictive writing the place where you will get a number of choices for the word that you will be going to insert .

2.iCloud Photo Library 

Presently you could store 1 ,000 pictures from your Apple device without having to be charged monthly fee however , with the brand new iCloud Photo Library , it will be possible to store pictures around 5GB at no cost you can always get additional storage space for $0 .99 every month around an optimum of 1TB .

3.Brand new benefits in iOS 8 camera 

If you were utilizing iOS devices , you then understand just how effortless it will be to utilize the camera app due to the user-friendly interface . Today it will likely be much better with 2 more choices : a video purpose time expire capture along with a three-second timer .


A brand new characteristic is launched , that is Hand off by using that you can begin a job on the Macintosh and also accomplish it on your iPhone . AirDrop will even perform just fine between Macs and also iPhones because of this continuity characteristic .

5.Family and friends sharing 

This really is an outstanding option for your parents to keep an eye on exactly what their children are downloading utilizing their credit cards . It permits around 6 consumers to share almost all the material which have been downloaded from iTunes .

6.Updates in messages as well 

iOS 8 customers can send audio messages or even video clip communications to family and friends by choosing the phone and also capturing their voice . Should you be fed up with group messages , then you can certainly make use of Do Not Disturb . You may also discuss the location that you will be in with the individual with which you can be conversing .

7.Apps’ TouchID

All of it begun with iPhone 5S as well as iOS 8 is going to take it 1 stage further , which makes it convenient for developers . Developers can permit their customers to unlock a saved password in key chain just by placing their fingertips on reader .

8.Health App 

This latest platform will permit the customers to store almost all health and fitness information in a single location . Additionally it is attempting to rope in some healthcare providers that will be capable of doing some thing with the information gathered to help out the customers obtain a few precautionary medication

9.Contacts on app screen

Now calling contacts is made simpler compared to by exhibiting contacts straight on the top of the applications display screen .

10.Brand new Siri characteristics 

Siri is active constantly , which means you simply need to call out “Hey Siri” then ask it to perform a function

11.iCloud Drive

 This would enable you to store PDFs from the email right on the iPhone as well as simultaneously it can also enable this services to the Dropbox or Google drive .

12.App tips on Lock screen

 You will definitely get a whole new image on the lock display screen just like that of the App store any time you go by some thing partnered with a top-100 app .


 However Android is doing it for a long time , iOS 8 is actually providing it to the customers also . Widgets right now be shown in the confirmation center .

14.Involved announcements

In case you are in the center of some thing , but additionally have to send in a message , taking down the banner will help you to type in a short message and forward it from there only . Once again , if you not wish to answer a call then swipe left in order to dismiss it .

15.Weather Channel 

If you would like for a real report on the weather conditions , then you can certainly have confidence in the weather channel . It will get its information and facts from Yahoo .

16.Spotlight results

 Now , if you are looking for some thing on your iPhone , you will definitely get results from Wikipedia as well as from the Applications Store and iTunes , allowing you enjoy a wide selection of search engine results .

17.Signifies the battery usage 

Battery is undoubtedly the trouble region for iPhone customers , however with a battery usage indicator , it will be possible to handle battery life . You may also create changes in the settings to increase the battery usage .

18.Full feature Safari 

In iOS 8 Safari is on complete throttle providing you with a lot more versatile personal surfing . It enables you to always keep individual tabs for normal tabs so that it doesn’t interrupt the private surfing .

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