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If you are planning to earn money from your online content then this article will definitely help you . All of us heard’s about the name Google adsence which is the finest and very good way to earn money but have you ever heard about “Yahoo &  Bing Ads Network” or “Media.Net”.if Not then you have been missing some serious earning potential in the past.First of all you have to get familiar with this that how its work and what are its benefit’s for you.Yahoo and BING are running on the same website called “Media.Net” is one of the second largest ads network in these days.this Is contextual ad Network which may provide you more earning in future. If you have some king of familiar with GOOGLE adsence or heard about it ? if so the “Media.Net Is similar and also we should say that it is the alternative of adsence. The one of the main and important thing about that it will pay you more in compression with adsence and also it provide you high quality adds on you Web Blog or on your websites.this Will show the adds all over the words especially USA And Canada.

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However let me explain you one thing about Media.Net Is that it will not work on Pay Per Click (P P C) ,basically it will make count your impression . what I meant is that the more your page view in a particular day you will earn more money. Lets discuss it more in details.lets Cheak out this video which will make clears all yours  doubts.



The first difference between the Google adsence and Is that adsence is run on Google while the Is powered by YAHOO & BING  jointly. This is just the common difference the major difference between the area that adsence work on PAY PER CLICK(PPC) this means that valid clicks on the ads which adsence offer you on your biog. The more clicks on ads means more earning the another condition is that the admin are restricted to click on ads and not able to force others to click on it.However MEDIA.NET Is a( C P M ) (COST PER Mile) which mean it will pay you according to your impression or the no of time your page views in a day for example if your page view in a day I more than five thousand then you can simple earn $2 to $5. Without doing anything and even the visitor not clicks on ads you will earn when they visited on your page..lets Cheak out this video which will make clears all yours  doubts.


Conditions which must follow.

There are some certain condition which you must fulfill while app ling for Media.NET The first is that 10% of your total traffic must be come from USA Or Canada etc.While the adsence allow you to apply even if your traffics is coming from anyone country.the most important things is that if your content is unique and you provide valuable information to users then all the Ad Network Or Revenue generating program will themselves contact you for Monetering your content with them.


I’ll be really excited to hear your experience & thoughts regarding Mention in comments.

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