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WordPress VS Blogger? Which is Right For You To start Blogging.

Blogging is The Way of Expressing yourself in Front of others  and sharing knowledge with Each Other.You are are good write but you dont know how to start and which one is better for you .When ever we start our own blog the first question come into every one mind is which platform to start with Either Blogger or Word People are always confused while choosing this even the professional some time get confused. Having used both blogger and WordPress for years i have a good for all of you who wish to start blogging or who are new in this field.At the end of this post i will also show you how to switch to wordpress.first of all we should take a look the pros and cons of each.

Blogger Pros.

1.totally free of cost.
2.flexible and reliable ,unlikely to hack.
3.easy for the newbie.
4.templates are free and descent.
5.doesnt required self hosting.

Blogger Cons.

1.features are limited like post editor and comments. sources available. can easily lose your content . premium framework. themes and you cannot upload your own themes.

this is some of the major ups and downs in blogging now lets check about the word press.


1.wordpress software are also free of cost you can simply download it from
2.extremely flexible with webdesigning and web developing.
3.if you have no coding knowledge you can simply use word press in my opinion.
4.thousands of free plugins ,widgets,and also no of themes. own your content no fine print. can design yourself if you have knowledge of CMS and php.

WordPress Cons.

1.wordpress are required paid web hosting and domain name.
2.theme customization is difficult for newbies.
3.wordpress is easy to hack in compression to blogger, but many plugins are available which can increase your safety.
4.some web host are unreliable.

The bottom Line.

if web hosting and domain cost fit in your budget, in my opinion word press is better to use you can simply expand your blog when your relationship grows on.this doesn’t mean that blogger is not good or prefect option to start to be very frank i also used blogger several of years and i have a Positive experiences with it . it is totally free of cost you don’t worry about and hosting charges and domain charges and most important the security is even provided by Google itself i also learn blogging tips and tools .but after few years i want to grow my business and with the limited resources available in blogger i am quit frustrated so the i moved to word press and then i was able to design some pretty nice bloggers design.

Which One Is Right To start.



if you want to become the pro blogger the i suggest to use word press which will make sizable income from your blog. also if you are planning to grow your business World Wide the WordPress is better platform to start with.the best part of word press is that it will give you freedom to easily expand and add new features which you want to add and which is better for your blog.but if you are a Newbie or on a budget , the Blogger is the best and better option to start with even you don’t need more feature and flexibility then choose blogger to start with .

when you ready to expand you can always migrate your blog to wordpress as per your requirements.

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